In the AGRICORE project, 59 out of 71 deliverables have been classified as public to ensure the transferability of the information generated during the project.


D1.1 Standardised Methodology and Set of Ontologies for the Characterisation of Data Sources

D1.2 Details and agreements for accessing the selected data sources

D1.3 Characterisation of EU and other supranational statistics datasets

D1.4 Characterisation of Geo-referenced datasets

D1.5 Characterisation of national and regional data sources

D1.6 Characterisation of datasets from previous research projects

D1.7 Systematic approach for the Identification and filling of information gaps

D1.8 Use case participatory research actions

D1.9 Agricultural Research Data Index Tool (ARDIT)

D2.1 Data Warehouse (DWH) for agriculture policy impact assessment data management

D2.2. Big data extraction module

D2.3 Big Data Fusion Module

D4.1 AGRICORE requirements and project management platform

D4.3 Validated design for the AGRICORE interface

D4.4 Library for AGRICORE data visualisation purposes

D4.5 Semantic services for AGRICORE

D5.1 State of the art review of agricultural policy assessment models, tools and indicators

D5.2 AGRICORE Land Market Module

D5.3 AGRICORE Market Module

D5.4. Environmental and climate impact assessment module

D5.6 Delivery of Ecosystem services module

D5.7 Policy Environment module

D6.1 AGRICORE Architecture and Interfaces

D6.2 External Interface Module

D6.3 Biophysical model connection modules

D6.6 Software Quality Assurance measures for AGRICORE

D7.1 – Use Case planning and set of involved stakeholders

D8.1 Report on IPR/Exploitation seminars

D9.2 Data Management Plan

D9.4 AGRICORE corporate identity

D9.5 AGRICORE project website


D10.7 Directives on gender equality and non-discrimination within AGRICORE