Our partners from CAAND showed their work on sustainability and innovation in the framework of the VIII Congress of Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain, which was held on the 30th -1st of July 2022 in Toledo under the theme ‘Cooperatives, together towards a sustainable future’. Overall, over 90 Cooperatives were present during this congress.

Under this framework, AGRICORE was presented by CAAND using the AGRICORE poster in order to demonstrate how our project analyses the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on different European crops, including the Andalusian olive grove.

Find the Spanish press release here: https://www.agroalimentarias-andalucia.coop/noticias/3235-las-cooperativas-agroalimentarias-de-andalucia-muestran-su-apuesta-por-la-sostenibilidad-y-la-innovacion-en-el-viii-congreso-de-cooperativas-agro-alimentarias-de-espana

Read the article published about CAAND´s participation at the Tierra Cooperativa Magazine: