On June 27, 2024, AGRICORE had the honour of presenting our agent-based simulation tool to DG AGRI, the end user of the tool. This milestone marks the culmination of 4.5 years of dedicated research and development aimed at transforming the assessment of agricultural policies.

Our agent-based modelling (ABM) tool is designed to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of agricultural systems and policies. Built upon a robust architecture, the tool ensures a high degree of precision and usability across various countries and policy scenarios.

It´s Key Features include:

Advanced Population Concept: AGRICORE incorporates an innovative approach to simulate the evolution of farms, offering a scalable method to analyze large populations.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive, enabling users to navigate and utilize its advanced capabilities with ease.

Modular and Customizable Architecture: AGRICORE is highly adaptable, catering to diverse agricultural contexts and policy needs.

Synthetic Population Generation (SPG): The tool employs semi-automatic synthetic population generation to enhance the detail and accuracy of data, crucial for effective policy tailoring and impact assessment.

The SPG Process:

The process of synthetic population generation (SPG) in AGRICORE involves a four-step approach utilizing Bayesian Networks, non-linear techniques, and empirical likelihood methods to create and validate synthetic samples. This process ensures the accuracy and reliability of the simulations.

Applications and Use Cases:

During the presentation, several use cases were highlighted, including applications in Andalusia, Italy, Poland and Greece. These examples demonstrated the tool’s versatility and effectiveness in different regional contexts, showcasing its potential to inform and guide policy decisions.

Policy Recommendations:

AGRICORE’s agent-based modelling approach provides a detailed representation of farmers’ behavior, considering socio-economic factors and interactions. This methodology supports more realistic and policy-oriented simulations, helping policymakers make informed decisions to achieve desired agricultural outcomes.


The final presentation at DG AGRI underscored AGRICORE’s potential to contribute to agricultural policy assessment. By leveraging modern ICT tools and advanced modelling techniques, AGRICORE offers a powerful platform for ex-ante analysis, helping policymakers address complex agricultural challenges with greater precision and confidence.