Recently, AGRICORE had the honor of being an invited speaker at the esteemed event “Research lessons to inform future CAP Reform”, organized by our sister project BESTMAP.

At the event, Lisa Baldi from the University of Parma provided a comprehensive overview of AGRICORE’s groundbreaking research initiatives. She delved into our innovative modelling approach, showcasing how we navigate diverse datasets, access essential agricultural data, and develop scenarios crucial for informed decision-making in agricultural policy and practice. Moreover, Lisa introduced attendees to the Agricultural Research Data Index Tool (ARDIT), a powerful resource driving our research endeavors.

The event served as a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange within the AGRIMODELS Cluster. It was a privilege to share experiences and insights, furthering our collective mission to shape the future of agriculture through research and innovation.

For those who missed the event, we are pleased to provide access to the audio recording of our presentation here:

Stay tuned to our website for more updates on AGRICORE’s innovative research initiatives. Together, we are driving sustainable agricultural practices and informing evidence-based policy decisions.