Our partners from the University of Parma represented us at the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes, France from August 29 to September 1, 2023!

The congress aimed to stimulate discussions on effective policies, innovative strategies, investment priorities, and future-focused educational programs in agricultural economics. The theme “Connecting science and society” highlighted the importance of pushing the boundaries of research for societal impact.

From AGRICORE´s side, we presented a poster titled “Assessment of CAP Generational Renewal subsidies with ABM.” Our goal was to assess the effectiveness of Generational Renewal subsidies in motivating young farmers to enter the agricultural sector by measuring their economic viability as well as to investigate whether the current Pillar 1 and 2 subsidies are sufficient to overcome the financial and/or economical barriers preventing young farmers to start an independent agricultural activity.

Furthermore, we were able to connect with our sister project MINDSTEP proceeding, thus, with our clustering activities and research efforts.

This event provided a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow researchers and experts, exchange experiences, and gain valuable insights to bring back home.