On February 23rd, at the IAERE annual conference, in Naples, @Lisa Baldi and @Sara Calzolai presented one of the AGRICORE module: the short period Agent-Based Model (ABM) developed to evaluate the efficiency of the new Communitarian Agricultural Policy (CAP 2023-2027) measures  through the simulation of farmers’ behavior. The objective of this module is to stimulate farmers exchanging production factors, such as land and rights to pollute, to optimize their production functions while reducing environmental drawbacks. The simulation of the ex-ante impact of CAP scenarios allows to assess not only the level of convenience in introducing the proposed voluntary measures, but also the impact on the farms’ structure, on greenhouse gases emissions and on water consumption. This ABM is based on Mathematical Programming Model (PMP) and relies on the ability of capturing the interactions between farmers in the use of scarce resources under the assumption of non-full rationality in production preferences.