At the XXV Conference of Industry 4.0 versus Management and Manufacturing Engineering under the patronage of the Polish Society of Innovation Management and the Polish Association of Production Management (PTZP), taking place in Zakopane, Poland on June 19-21, 2022, Assoc. Prof. Waldemar Bojar, presented the issue entitled “AGRICORE – an innovative tool to support the development of agricultural policy based on agent-based design”. The conference related to the subject of the research results of the AGRICORE project and their dissemination.  The scientific discussion included the use of large pre-spatial data sets – the convergence of GIS and BIG DATA, e.g., useful for measuring the number of wild bird species at a given location under CAP measure M10.1. Innovative methods useful in organic farming were also presented and discussed, e.g., cold plasma as a potential activator of plant biostimulators.

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