In the frame of the 179th EAAE Seminar, a stakeholder meeting was conducted among AUTH team members (Dr. Dimitris Natos, Dr. Alexandros Gatsikos and Dr. Christos Staboulis) and Dr. Theodoros Markopoulos. Dr. Markopoulos, member of the stakeholders for the AGRICORE’s Greek Use Case, is a highly esteemed agronomist having served as state governor in East Macedonia and Thrace Region – Kavala (2014-2019). He is currently an East Macedonia and Thrace regional cabinet member and regional official of the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

AUTH team presented in detail the impact of the AGRICORE project and the foreseen participatory research actions. The meeting was also focused on methods, ways, and opinions on the facilitation of the planned Greek Use Case research activities. Concluding, Dr. Markopoulos offered his view and insight on the maximization and utilization of the impact of the AGRICORE project on regional policy and young farmers scheme application while reassured the consortium on his willingness to facilitate and assist all AGRICORE activities.