In the summer of 2018, the European Commission proposed the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The reform was aiming from the beginning to result in a framework taking into account regional differences and particularities as well as sustainability principles put forward by the EC. Following the introduction of the European Green Deal, last December, the EC performed an analysis of how the CAP reform can align with the targets set by the EU Green Deal’s environmental, climate and biodiversity-related actions, such as the Farm to Fork Strategy and the Biodiversity Strategy.

The analysis was published with the title: “Analysis of the links between the CAP and the Green Deal”. In this report, apart from the identification of connections between the CAP reform and the Green Deal, the identification of potential hurdles and risks for the achievement of the Green Deal’s commitments is highlighted. Additionally, the steps that are necessary for the full alignment with the Green Deal are proposed, aiming to ensure the EU agricultural sector’s contribution to Green Deal objectives.

Of particular interest to the AGRICORE project is the specific provisions for the transformation of the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) into a Farm Sustainability Data Network, further incorporating sustainability related data and indicators. As a matter of fact, this report stresses out the importance of advisory services (much like the exploitation objectives of the AGRICORE project) using this data network in order to provide feedback and guidance to farmers and policymakers and improve agricultural sustainability in Europe. Consequently, tools like the AGRICORE tool, and/or future derivative works, are expected to have increased impact in the coming years, not only on a socioeconomic level but also on the level of environmental sustainability, enabling, for instance, the adoption and design of policies focusing on regional biodiversity and farm-to-fork based initiatives.


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