During the last years, the 4th industrial revolution (often called Industry 4.0) is transforming the industry and its practices. In the case of agriculture, similarly to many other industrial sectors, the transformation to Agriculture 4.0 is fueled by various digital developments (IoT, AI, Big Data) but also practices and ideas derived from and enabled by the advancements in digitalization (cooperation, mobility, open innovation). Such a new and quickly evolving market landscape presents new business opportunities, new tools, fresh perspectives and innovative potential to farmers and stakeholders in agriculture. Consequently, all these factors can significantly affect the decision making.

This report, prepared by the PwC, CARSA, IDATE and ESN for the European Commission, is providing a brief overview of how IoT, in particular, is affecting and changing agriculture. It is focusing on aspects of the agricultural digitalization, connectivity and challenges therein.

Available at https://ati.ec.europa.eu/reports/technology-watch/industry-40-agriculture-focus-iot-aspects