The project officially launched on the 1st of September 2019 and the two-day Kick-off Meeting was held on the 24th-25th at Aeropolis Business Centre in Seville, Spain hosted at the premises of the coordinator IDENER. 10 partners across Europe gathered to discuss the overall project’s objectives and tasks, presenting their future activities towards the successful implementation of the AGRICORE project.

AGRICORE is a research-intensive innovation project proposing a novel tool for the improvement of the current capacity to model policies in the sector of agriculture. The holistic approach is built on the foundation of the latest progress in modelling approaches and ICT. AGRICORE will develop an agent-based product modelled as an autonomous decision-making tool closely related to individual farms. The great advantage of this development is the opportunity of each entity to assess individually its own context, led to decisions on the basis of the current situation and expectations. The AGRICORE tool will be made as a highly modular and customisable suite, and it will be released as an open-source project. Thus, institutions can transparently update and improve the tool as needs arise. Advances in big data, artificial intelligence algorithms, mathematical solvers and cloud computing services will be applied to optimise the extremely-long parameterisation and calibration phase required by current agent-based tools. The outer goal is to mimic the farmers’ behaviour along with their interaction to credibly evaluate the local effects of global events and EU policies, the improvement of policy design, impact assessments and monitoring.

The AGRICORE project builds on the strong know-how and expertise of its partners in the addressed scientific and industrial areas. The consortium is comprised of 10 European partners from 6 countries. 5 industrial partners (IDENER, AXIA, STAM, AAT), 1 RTD (IAPAS) and 4 Universities (AUTH, UTP, AKD, UNIPR) make AGRICORE a well-balanced project between industry and academia ensuring and speeding up the successful implementation of all the actions towards its fruitful results.


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