Description: STAM is an engineering firm specialized in the high-tech sector. It provides turnkey solutions in the following areas: Space & Defence, Security & Transport, Energy & Environment, and Industry & Automation. Since the company establishment in 1997, it has been designing and developing innovative mechanisms and mechatronic devices. The main services provided were related to the field of mechanical engineering, performing all stages of the product design cycle: conception, tools and subsystem design and specification, the definition of production systems and cycles. Since 2010, the company broadened its expertise portfolio, applying our expertise in new fields, such as construction and transports, and building new skills in ICT, where we develop solutions and software tools in order to support activities within Industry 4.0.

Main tasks in AGRICORE: Within the AGRICORE project, STAM is mainly involved in threefold. First, they lead the analysis of the georeferenced datasets. Second, they lead the development of the semantic services to be included in the AGRICORE interface for simplifying the user interaction with the system. Lastly, they lead the development of the visualisation tools used for displaying the geo-referenced information resulting from the AGRICORE analysis execution.

Personnel involved:

Giorgia Eranio received her master’s degree in civil Engineer at the University of Genoa in 2003, she has a solid experience in projects and proposals management. Her technical background is mainly focused on energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, circular economy, and innovation projects, integrated natural resources management and planning; design of alternative biobased technologies, biomass recovery and creation of bio-products value chain. She has pluriannual experience in development, collaborative research, and technology transfer projects.Giorgia coordinates Stam’s activities in AGRICORE, putting efforts to coordinate with other consortium members and the different WPs task results.
Anna Folso is a Project Engineer in STAM. She received a Master of Science in Bioengineering with specialisation in Neuroengineering and Bio-ICT at the University of Genoa. During her studies she developed good programming skills and a wide knowledge about human biological processes. Now her job mainly consists in supporting companies through their digital transformation and innovation process. Within Agricore she focuses on the dataset characterization on ARDIT. In AGRICORE she supports the development of data model and related ontologies, keeping up with ARDIT tool and semantic services development.
Sevastian Foglia received his master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Bologna in 2008. He has a strong experience on ICT companies, where he acquired professional and interpersonal skills. During his professional experiences in the field of information technology, he used various programming languages, main frameworks and software. He was involved as a speaker at conferences about the automatic generation of documents and about the Libero Software in Florence and Trento, respectively. He also has experience on Scrum software development as team member and Scrum Master (certified by Scrum Alliance). He is a Lead Software Engineer in STAM and he is the lead developer of ICT team working in AGRICORE project
Davide Ottonello holds a Master Degree in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics and Production at the University of Genova, Italy. He has developed a relevant expertise in the protection of Critical Infrastructures and safety-critical systems. He has earned the “Certified Scrum Product Owner” certification which enables delivery of high-value software products and applications through Agile development techniques and tools. In AGRICORE, he contributes to the software tools development together with Stam ICT team.R Stations.

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