Description: IDENER is a research SME that investigates in the multidisciplinary field of Computational Science and its application to the optimization of systems and processes in key areas: Industrial Technologies; ICTs; Biotechnology; Energy; and Resource and Raw Materials Efficiency. This approach results in a high added value which sharpens the competitive edge of complex systems by providing improvements in performance and cost effectiveness. To that end, IDENER integrates concepts from four interrelated and complementary areas: Mathematical Modelling and Simulation; Multidisciplinary Design Optimization; Control Engineering; and Software Engineering.

Main tasks in AGRICORE: IDENER will be the coordinator of the project and, accordingly, some of its main tasks will be those related to the proper management and coordination of the project execution, including project monitoring, meeting preparation and technical and financial reporting to the Commission.

Personnel involved:

Mr. Carlos Leyva Guerrero, MSc in Telecommunications Eng. in 2011 at the University of Seville (Spain), is specialised in software and hardware engineering and joined IDENER in 2010. He is in charge of the IT and Industry 4.0 Applications department where he leads the software implementation done in the related projects. His works are indeed focused on systems integration and processes scale-up as well as in the implementation and deployment of laboratory developed solutions in industrial environments.

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