Description: Institute of Agrophysics (IA PAS) is a research institution of the Polish Academy of Sciences. IA PAS is an institute of Division II of Biological and Agricultural Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The main object of research is focused on transport processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, properties and processes affecting soil and plant quality, processing for food and energy purpose. The interdisciplinary approach applies physics, physicochemistry and biology for solving contemporary problems of agriculture. Applicable research is focused on developing and improving methods and devices for evaluation and monitoring of soil, agricultural plant materials and gas emission, and on creating new food technologies of biomass processing for energy or new biomaterials and biopreparations.


  • Conducting interdisciplinary research and development for sustainable agriculture through the application of physics, physicochemistry and biology.
  • Educating research staff for industry and science in order to make them capable of solving contemporary problems of agriculture.
  • Collaboration with researchers, industry and local authorities to ensure sustainable exploitation of agricultural resources, and therefore, contribute to regional and world-wide bio-economy.

Main tasks in AGRICORE: The Institute of Agrophysics PAS is in charge of the design of the interaction between the Agent-based Model and the biophysical models (WP3), including the BioMa platform and the ARPEGE model (WP6). They also lead WP5 in which the Impact Assessment Modules (IAM) are developed, leading indeed the implementation of the Environmental and climate IAM and of the Delivery of Ecosystem Services module. In addition, they are, together with UTP, in charge of the second AGRICORE use case (WP7), which focuses on the ex-ante and ex-post impact assessments of the measure “M10.1 Agri-environment-climate commitments” in Poland.

Personnel involved:

Prof. Cezary Slawinski is a professor and the Director of the Institute of Agrophysics PAS. The main field of his interest is the modelling of mass and energy exchange in soil-plant-atmosphere system, measurement and description of the physical parameters and characteristics of the soil-plant-atmosphere system, modelling of hydrophysical properties of soil based on knowledge of the physical and physico-chemical parameters and characteristics (Pedotransfer Functions). He has published more than 150 journal and conference papers on these topics.
Prof. Piotr Baranowski is a professor in the Institute of Agrophysics PAN and the Head of Department of Metrology and Modelling of Agrophysical Processes. He is involved in the modelling of climate change impact on crop production, GHG emissions measurement and modelling, thermal and hyperspectral image processing for evaluation of plant and food quality and medical diagnostics.
Dr. Jaromir Krzyszczak
Dr. Jaromir Krzyszczak is a senior research scientist at the Institute of Agrophysics PAS, graduated from University of Maria-Curie Skłodowska with a PhD in theoretical physics. He has large experience in modelling physical processes that occur in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, including modelling of water transport in soil using physically-based models, as well as stochastic learning models and modelling of crop growth and development, taking into account climate change effects and GHG emissions.
Dr. Krzysztof Lamorski is an expert in soil hydrology. He deals with soil and pore media transport processes modelling and modelling of the soil’s hydraulic properties using soft learning methods. He has experience in programming, including scientific programming and machine learning computing.

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