Description: Agrifood Cooperatives of Andalusia is an SME composed of 667 agricultural cooperatives in Andalusia, with the primary objective of advising and representing them as well as defending their interests. The group of cooperatives associated with Agrifood Cooperatives of Andalusia brings together more than 269,000 members, involving a total turnover of 5.956M €. This organization is the patron of the olive oil Technological Center, CITOLIVA, and belongs to the innovative Business Association INOLEO. It also has established agreements with different knowledge agents. The entity counts with a quality and an R&D+I department and implements projects focused on waste management, recovery of by-products, environmental reports, technological improvement or quality certifications to different, cooperatives, etc. It also has a communication department which covers all the news from the member cooperatives and publishes a magazine called Earth Cooperative which provides information on all the projects developed by the entity, as well as useful information for its members. This departments also take care of the design and execution of the participatory research actions (surveys, interviews) which are done by the association.

Main tasks in AGRICORE: Within the AGRICORE project, CAAND is mainly involved in the implementation (WP7) of the Spanish use case, which carries out in collaboration with IDENER and which consists of the implementation of ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment for the regional measure M11 Ecologic agriculture in Andalusia, specifically in the olive sector (which is indeed represented by the association). In addition, CAAND is in charge of the definition (WP2) and the execution (WP7) of the participatory research activities to be implemented within the project.

Personnel involved:

  • Mr. César Díaz Barroso, Agricultural Engineer. Technician R & D + I of Agrifood Cooperatives of Andalusia. Eight years of experience in management, coordination and justification in different R & D & I projects. Among the projects developed, the AgriForValor project belonging to the H2020 call stands out as well as the implementation of different Operational Groups of the European Innovation Association.
  • Ana Sanchez (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Fernando Miranda (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Antonio Lopez (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Mª Jose Suárez (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Obdulia Parra (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Maria del Mar Avalos (CV and profile picture to be provided)
  • Jaime Martínez (CV and profile picture to be provided)

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