Description: The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the largest and oldest universities in Greece. Research activities cover all scientific (theoretical and applied) fields. Its campus covers 230,000 square metres in the centre of Thessaloniki, with additional educational and administrative facilities elsewhere. The university includes 11 faculties, consisting of 36 Schools. As of 2014, there was a student population of approximately 40,000 active students enrolled at the university. The entity employs up to 1500 faculty members allocated in various schools and research units. In addition, the school has involved in several Erasmus, Tempus and various educational and training activities in international and EU projects.

Main tasks in AGRICORE: Within the AGRICORE project, and given its wide experience in the agricultural policy impact assessment field, AUTH has several roles. First, the university is the leader of the third of the use cases presented in the project (WP7), in which the impact of the Measure 6.1 Business start-up aid for young farmers in Greece is measured through the execution of ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment analyses. At the development level, it participates in the definition of the non-linear dynamic model of the farm done in WP3, as well as in the development of several platform modules. Specifically, AUTH leads the implementation of the big data extraction and the big data fusion modules done in WP2 (which also leads) and the policy environment module developed in WP5. In addition, it also contributes to the characterisation of the data sources (WP1), as well as to other implementations across the project. Lastly, AUTH is also in charge of the clustering activities foreseen in the project.

Personnel involved:

Prof. Konstandinos Mattas
Prof. Konstadinos Mattas, Professor of Agricultural Policy. His research interests include Agricultural and Social Policy, Rural Development and Interdisciplinary work. He has published more than 200 papers in international refereed journals, in collective volumes and proceedings. He has contributed to several international conferences and served as a referee to several international journals. He is managing editor of the “Agricultural Economics Review and Associate Editor of the “International Review of Applied Economic Research”. He is also member of the editorial in the Journals “New Medit”, “Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing”, “Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science”, “Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing”, “Economia Agro-Alimentare”, “South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics” and “Cooperative management”. He has also great experience in participating and coordinating European and national research projects, including FADNTOOL, TEAMPEST, CARERA, STRENGTH2FOOD and in organizing national and international workshops, seminars and conferences. He has served in several relevant EU and National Food Policy Committees.
Prof. Stefanos Nastis
Prof. Stefanos Nastis, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Production Economics and Agricultural Economic Development. His research focuses on the interplay between agricultural economics and environmental economics focusing on topics such as farm adaptation to climate change, farm efficiency and agricultural productivity analysis, crop biodiversity, innovations in farm planning and farm management, information technologies in farm management. He has published in international refereed journals and participated in several national and international projects, including FADNTOOL and TEAMPEST. He is associate editor of the “Biodiversity Journal International” and member of the editorial in the “Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development” and the “Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species”. He has participated in the organization committee of several national and international workshops and conferences.
Prof. Efthymia Tsakiridou
Prof. Efthymia Tsakiridou, Professor of Food Marketing. Her research interests focus on agricultural policy, agricultural economics and food marketing. She has published in international journals and participated in several national and international research projects, including FADNTOOL, TEAMPEST, CARERA. She has research partnerships with the Center for Social Research and Methodology, Germany, the GESIS Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, Germany and the INRA-ALISS, France.
Prof. Anastasios Michailidis
Prof. Anastasios Michailidis, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension. His expertise lies in the fields of agricultural economics, agricultural extension, diffusion of innovations, investment analysis, water management, policy analysis, risk and uncertainty. He is in the editorial of “SpringerPlus” and the “American Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology”. He has published in international refereed journals and has participated in over 30 international research projects, including FADNTOOL, TEAMPEST, CARERA. He has participated in the organizing committee of several national and international conferences and workshops.
Dr. Glykeria Theodoridou
Dr. Theodoridou Glykeria, PhD from the Department of Agricultural Economics, School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her education includes a BS in Agricultural Economics and an MSc in Agricultural Economics, both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her research interests include agricultural policy, supply chain and food marketing and agricultural economics. She has published in international journals and participated in national and international research projects including FADNTOOL.

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