The AGRICORE consortium is happy to announce that the Agricultural Research Data Index Tool (ARDIT) is fully operational!

ARDIT is a platform to index characterisations of datasets that can be used for the analysis and study of the agri-food chain. These characterisations of datasets (or dataset catalogues) can be incorporated by registered users through web-based forms built on the basis of the AGRICORE-DCAT 2.0 ontology, which allows characterisation down to the level of the variables contained in each dataset. ARDIT has a body of editors who verify the proposals for new additions and correct existing ones. The characterisation of each dataset has a comments section where registered users and editors can suggest and discuss corrections or changes, thus allowing peer review of the ARDIT tool.

ARDIT has two well-defined objectives. The first one is to deliver an open data portal where researchers can publicly access an index of available agricultural data sources. The platform serves the metadata of the datasets and the links to their origin or download URLs. The second objective is to use this tool within our project to provide data necessary to fill the attributes of the farm agents that compose the synthetic populations used in the ABM.

ARDIT platform uses the open-source framework Swagger, which provides a set of rules, specifications and tools to document and support the consumption of the platform’s API. This allows users and developers to know in detail the defined endpoints and how HTTP requests are constructed to connect to them and helps non-expert users to access the resources provided by the API without the need for in-depth knowledge of REST or the HTTP protocol. Swagger UI, ARDIT API endpoints and all of the documentation is available through while the graphical user interface, which is through

You can register and use freely our ARDIT tool under:

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